Why sponsoring?

South Limburg has a thriving voluntary community with countless civic guards (schutterijen), music associations, youth clubs and sports clubs. The performance level of the latter contributes to the health of many people in Limburg.
As the Health Department of South Limburg described in their publication “exercising is the most important priority”, cardiovascular disease and cancer are the leading cause of death in the south of Limburg (30%). The number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease are significantly higher than in other parts of Holland.
The rural trend (in 2012) shows that for the first time in years the death numbers of cardiovascular disease are not going down but are increasing slightly.
Many children grow up in in families below the poverty line. Due to this poverty, fewer children join a sport club. As a result, there is overweight and obesity among children.
The Friends club of Hundred want more children and young people to participate in sports, whether or not within an association and regardless of their background.
The Friends club of Hundred has made it their goal to support the amateur sport in its broadest sense. This concerns sport associations and talented individual athletes. We support the monthly Marber Workouts in the stadium of Achilles Top in Kerkrade. We take care of flyers for various cycle races, provide encouragement awards for the amateur athletes and sponsor medallions for several youth cycling races.
To enable contact between potential supporters and athletes and associations, we organize networking meetings and Sport Cafe’s. In this way, we contribute to reduce obesity and chronic physical ailments of the youth of South Limburg.
In practice the Friends club of Hundred mainly plays a connecting role. Next to donations (in financial or material sense), our main task is bringing together (potential) sponsors during network meetings with a sporting theme, or during a sporting event.
The club was born from the in Limburg hugely popular cycling, making that the main part of the activities take place in the framework of cycling races.
Examples of network meetings are the Friends club of Hundred Sport Café and the Sponsor Pavilion during the Eurode Omloop in Kerkrade.
Several times a year the Friends club of Hundred Sport Café is organized around a cycle race. It is a private meeting for (potential) sponsors and invited guests.
During this all-in organized evening sports journalist Wiel Verheesen will read his column and various guest speakers will perform, including former professional cyclists.
Becoming a member is easy: we do not have complicated sponsor contracts. With an annual contribution of a minimum of one hundred euro (financial or material) you can be a member and will receive invitations to the Limburg Friends club of Hundred Cycling Cafes and various other activities.
We look forward to welcome you as a sponsor!