There are 3 beautiful trophies to be earned on behalf of the Friends club of Hundred:

Herman Kusters trophy
This trophy is rewarded to an amateur cyclist (m/f) who made a great cycling performance
Young or old doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s an example for the upcoming youth.





Breman-Geelen encouragement prize
This prize will be rewarded to him or her who achieved a high performance. There may have been a severe injury, forcing this athlete to start all over again to reach his/her old level.
Therefor this encouragement prize is a push in the right direction.





Jo Dorscheidt trophy
This trophy is rewarded to a volunteer who is always ready to assist an event. Jo Dorscheidt is one of the founders of The Hundred Friendsclub.
Sadly, he passed away on October 30th 2016. He always supported the volunteers. This trophy is in remembrance of all he did for the volunteers. Hence the name: Jo Dorscheidt trophy volunteer of the year.