Welcome to the Friends club of Hundred.
We would like to introduce ourselves.

The Friends club of Hundred officially exists since march 18th 2014. The Foundation Friends club of Hundred operates independently and is not connected to any other foundations or association.

The target of the Friends club of Hundred is to generate funds is to promote the (amateur) sport in its broadest sense.

Our members are mainly business people and to a lesser extent private individuals, who love the amateur sport, including cycling. Everyone can be member with a contribution from hundred euro (hence the name) or by sponsoring in kind with a minimum value of the same amount.

The work area of the Friends club of Hundred includes all of Limburg, though mainly in South Limburg.

The Friends club of Hundred Sport Café
We also organize the well-known Friends club of Hundred Sport Café of the cycle enthusiast Wim van Duivenbode in many places in Limburg. Wim contributed twice in getting the Tour to Holland and he had a passage from Scheveningen to Leiden in 1973. He organized many national sportsevents like thirteen times the Int. Flowermarathon (a stage for wheelchair athletes).

Wiel Verheesen, sports writer and author of Trainers, Limburg Wielerland, Heerlen Wielerstad and many other books. He also writes a weekly column for many magazines, supports the Friends club of Hundred and is linked to the Friends club of Hundred Sport Café as a speaking columnist.

Sport prizes
We award the known Herman Kusters-Trofee (by Kusters Promo Gifts in Spaubeek) to an amateur talent, male or female, from a branch of the cycle sport.

The firm Breman-Geelen als has an award (bowl) related to the Foundation Friends club of Hundred.
It is called The Breman-Geelen prize for effort. This prize is meant for the one who invested with great effort in his or her sport, regardless their age.

The mayor of Heerlen, Ralf Krewinkel, is appointed as Patron of the Friends club of Hundred. In addition, he awards the Herman Kusters Trophy, an annual award for rising (cycle) talent.

Charity projects
We also donate to:

Foundation Wensulance
A healthy person has a thousand wishes.
A seriously ill person has only one wish!
The goal of Wensulance is to fulfil for free the “last wishes” of those who are not or barely mobile, seriously ill, have a chronic illness or are (pre) terminal patients.
Wensulance is a non-profit organization with a private ambulance and is manned by volunteers (chauffeur and supervisor).
Information is found at www.wensulance.nl